'The Alchemy of Ascension'

'The Alchemy of Ascension' will be launching Spring 2019, it is a collection of stories from Laurie's life and the lessons she learned and hopes by sharing them it will validate some of your own experiences.


It also teaches you the technique she created to help her overcome the difficulties. In life we must be willing to go through the 'Dark Night of the Soul' to clear all issues from this life and at this time of Ascension...all lifetimes.

Emotional Alchemy is the fast track to healing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies through your own awareness.

The Alchemy of Ascension

is almost ready!



"These stories are a true testimony of how personal transformation is possible. Laurie leads the way in opening up about her own unique struggles in life and how the mystery of spiritual reality lead her to walking a path that divinely unfolded for her, and can for all of us. Both practical and direct, this book

can serve as a powerful tool. Emotional Alchemy and Breathwork as taught by Laurie

are imperative practices for our times.



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Opening Hearts with


Horse Wisdom Workshop

August 31/September 1

This 2 day transformation with the horses will teach you how to let go of all that is holding you back and give you tools to keep moving forward.

This is a New Moon event you will want to be at. New Moons are about releasing all that you no longer need and moving into your destiny

Drum workshop


Sept 15, 1-5pm

contact for details


Available in July

Creating in Oneness 9 hour audio workshop


Master in the Matrix

Ascension School

Monthly and Yearly subscription

Creating in Oneness

3 day Mastermind workshop

Mer Ka Ba activation and utilization

Reclaiming Your Divine Destiny

8 month Mastermind


Here's a few testimonial's from private clients and workshop students

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