A Natural Approach to Healing

Heal your body naturally by clearing your emotions and raising your vibrations as you learn to create in Unity Consciousness.

We are creating our reality in every moment through the energy of our emotions and limiting decisions. If you are in a loving energy your creations will be of a high vibration. If you are in a state of anger or sadness you will be creating something quite different. Whatever vibration you are at is what you will attract to your self to experience. Becoming aware of what you are thinking, saying and doing in your life everyday will allow you to change your experience quickly or maybe not so quickly, it is completely up to you.

By learning Emotional Alchemy you can begin creating the life you desire simply by attracting it. Clearing any emotion or belief that is between you and the dream.





     'The Alchemy of Ascension'

'The Alchemy of Ascension' will be launching Spring 2019, it is a collection of stories from Laurie's life and the lessons she learned and hopes by sharing them it will validate some of your own experiences.


It also teaches you the technique she created to help her overcome the difficulties. In life we must be willing to go through the 'Dark Night of the Soul' to clear all issues from this life and at this time of Ascension...all lifetimes.

Emotional Alchemy is the fast track to healing your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies through your own awareness.

The Alchemy of Ascension

is almost ready!



"These stories are a true testimony of how personal transformation is possible. Laurie leads the way in opening up about her own unique struggles in life and how the mystery of spiritual reality lead her to walking a path that divinely unfolded for her, and can for all of us. Both practical and direct, this book

can serve as a powerful tool. Emotional Alchemy and Breathwork as taught by Laurie

are imperative practices for our times.



My Services


"There is nothing to heal outside of self"



Sacred Heart

Horse Tales


Opening Hearts with


Horse Wisdom Workshop

August 31/September 1

This 2 day transformation with the horses will teach you how to let go of all that is holding you back and give you tools to keep moving forward.

This is a New Moon event you will want to be at. New Moons are about releasing all that you no longer need and moving into your destiny


Drum workshop


Sept 15, 1-5pm

contact for details


Available in July

Creating in Oneness 9 hour audio workshop


Master in the Matrix

Ascension School

Monthly and Yearly subscription

Creating in Oneness

3 day Mastermind workshop

Mer Ka Ba activation and utilization

Reclaiming Your Divine Destiny

8 month Mastermind


Here's a few testimonial's from private clients and workshop students

Laurie’s Emotional Alchemy practice has been effective as a massive liberator of my old wounds and traumas. I lend the effectiveness of this practice to the fact I was willing to go that deep through the gateway of breath, but also because Laurie was the rock solid facilitator there with the energy of the ancestors assisting. Having personally dealt with negative influences and other dimensional entities, I could see that my unhealed emotional body was attracting people, situations and other things that resonated with that wounding. Laurie is the one of the most capable healers I know to date who has the experience, where with all and love in her heart to responsibly and honourably help us dispose of that which does not serve us. She helps us come into who we are beyond our story and into our divine intended nature. Laurie is balanced, humble and sincerely trusted in my highest regard.


Laurie Morningstar, you are such a beautiful gift to me and the world!

 There are no words that can express my happiness and thankfulness for the life changing results that we achieved together through your very loving and expert guidance.

 I was in a very dark place and had been not doing the best job of working through some very difficult challenges on my own.  After one session with you my entire life has taken a 180 degree turn. The anxiety and panic attacks are gone and my self confidence has re-appeared. Life is good and flowing in the right direction. I am excited to see what happens next.


I've known Laurie for about 6 years now. When we first met I was going through breast cancer testing and a nasty divorce while raising 3 children on my own. After working with her the first time I was a completely different person. Free i my gait and spirit. I was a skeptic that became a believer in healing energy and the power of our emotional well being. I reach out to her when life becomes less than easy. She always opens her heart to me like a Universal Mother. A true mother.



About Laurie Morningstar

I have been assisting clients and students from around the world to awaken with compassion for self and others for over 20 years through the creation and perfection of Emotional Alchemy, a process I created from Neuro-Linguistics Programming, Timeline Therapy, Hypnosis, various healing techniques and intuitive guidance from my spirit helpers. I was one of the first 52 teachers for Drunvalo Melchizedek's 'Awakening the Illuminated Heart', a workshop on Ascension. I taught this workshop for three years  adding Emotional Alchemy and getting amazing results  accessing the Sacred Heart.  I decided in 2014 that all I needed to do was help humanity to clear emotional energies that are holding them back and activate the Mer Ka Ba, the rest your inner knowing which is your God Self will automatically attract the next best situation to you. Some of the other life experiences I have had are 8 years of Sundance with teachings before and after that in First Nations traditions. I owned and operated Milly's Tattoo Alley as a tattoo artist from 1993 to present. I also built motorcycles and hot rods in the 1990's and graduating as one of the first two women in Tool and Die making from BCIT in the 1992. In 1995 I had an awakening and started my spiritual journey, dipping many times into the dark night of the soul, a place everyone has to go through in order to heal themselves and become whole. Through the teachings I offer I hope to make your journey a smoother transition.





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